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The Wild Camping Mindset

Motivation – you’ve got to want to do it in the first place! Planning & Preparation – check the weather forecast, plan your meals & snacks, pack your bag in the order you will need things (or use different pockets). Knowledge of the landscape (map). Practice & Testing – learn to put your tent up […]

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Working with The John Muir Trust

Nearly Wild Camping is currently working with the John Muir Trust to use the John Muir Award as a way of enhancing our members camping experiences. We hope this will also open up even more exciting Nearly Wild Camping opportunities and natural world experiences.

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Why we chose crowdfunding

Why, out of all of the ways we could look for funding, did we choose to run a crowdfunding campaign? It is definitely fairly energy and time intensive, but it is also definitely worth it because it supports our values by involving you. You are our community. You are the people who will be sleeping […]

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What star shall we give Underhill Farm?

Reversing the star system

One of the features of Nearly Wild Camping is the rating system we are going to use. We are going to take the conventional star system for tourist accommodation and turn it on it’s head. So in the middle of nowhere, with no facilities is going to be 5*! I have been having a think […]

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