Membership Terms and Conditions (Campers)

These Terms and Conditions are in place to ensure that Nearly Wild Camping operates legally, safely and smoothly for all parties involved, i.e. campers, locations and organisers. The terms and conditions are deliberately written in ‘plain English’ to ensure that they are easily understood. Information in the directory must be provided by the proprietor or responsible body. Nearly Wild Camping cannot take any responsibility for the content of any listings.

All members

  • Nearly Wild Camping provides an online website platform to connect people who want to camp with locations wanting to rent camping spaces. By using the Nearly Wild Camping website, you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Nearly Wild Camping co-operative is a membership organisation. All members must be over 16 years old; campers may be of any age, creed, sexuality or ethnic background.
  •  All agreements and transactions remain between the location owner or manager and the camper. You understand and agree that Nearly Wild Camping does not act as an insurer or contracting agent for either the location or the camper.
  • While Nearly Wild Camping will try to ensure all information provided on the website is correct, it cannot be held liable for:
    • Locations providing inaccurate information of any sort.
    • Campers providing inaccurate information of any sort.
  • Nearly Wild Camping may from time to time pass on information on what is done as part of Nearly Wild Camping to other Nearly Wild Camping members in order to support networking amongst members and act as a conduit for information exchange. Nearly Wild Camping cannot be held liable for the accuracy or quality of this information, and takes no responsibility for any advice or recommendations made.
  • From time to time, the Nearly Wild Camping co-operative may change or further develop these terms and conditions. These will come into immediate effect once placed on the website. Whilst we will publicise these changes on the website, you are responsible for keeping up to date with the current Nearly Wild Camping terms and conditions.
  • Nearly Wild Camping may suspend or modify the website without warning. Nearly Wild Camping will not be liable for any costs incurred.
  • Information given to Nearly Wild Camping will be used only for the purposes of Nearly Wild Camping. Details will not be passed on to any other parties.
  • You agree to keep your Nearly Wild Camping password confidential and that all personal information provided is correct.

For campers

  • You agree to follow the Nearly Wild Camping Campers Code of Conduct for behaviour at all times when on site at a Nearly Wild location. Location owners or managers reserve the right to ask people to leave without refund to people who do not adhere to this. Nearly Wild Camping reserves the right to withdraw membership from people who do not adhere to this.
  • You agree that you will abide by any rules provided by the location relating to their land use and land management activities.
  • When using Nearly Wild Camping locations, you agree to be responsible for your welfare and the welfare of your children and pets at all times, and you agree to take every reasonable precaution against injury to yourself or others or damage to the environment.
  • Nearly Wild Camping is not liable for damages or losses that may result from visiting a location or activities provided by that location.
  • You agree to leave the location in the condition it was in when you arrived.
  • There is no guarantee that a pitch is available at a location until you receive confirmation from the location.
  • If you need to modify or cancel your booking prior to your arrival date, you will contact the location directly.
  • Nearly Wild Camping is not liable for any travel arrangements.
  • You agree that you will not pass on your discount codes to non-members or to make a booking for people other than yourself/camping group.

The Campers’ Code of Conduct


  • Try to give the location owner as much warning when booking your visit as possible, it is indicated on each location profile the minimum amount of time they will accept.
  • Let the location know if your plans change
  • If you are planning on having more than one tent then make sure you check on the location profile how many tents they take at one time
  • Prepare for variable weather conditions, take suitable equipment with you

When you are there

  • Follow the locations sanitation requests & the sanitation guidance sheet, if in doubt then ask
  • If fires are allowed, then make sure you dig a fire pit if there isn’t already one there, make sure they are at least a couple of metres from your tents, do not leave them unattended and reinstate the turf after use
  • Ask permission before collecting firewood
  • Ask permission before using on site facilities, such as BBQs
  • Please keep pets under control
  • Behave in a sensible manner to avoid disturbance to the location owner, their family, staff, farming activities, animals and crops
  • Avoid walking on land which is used for farming purposes i.e crops, including grass land, which is prepared for hay/silage. If in doubt, always ask permission
  • Keep children supervised and make them aware of potential hazards, such as farm machinery
  • Keep BBQs off the ground
  • Try not to flatten or damage vegetation, camp on short grass or bare surfaces
  • Before building any structures or collecting any rocks or plants please ask the permission of the location owner
  • If foraging, never take more than a third of what is there
  • Don’t pour fuel onto the ground or into water courses, if in doubt of where to dispose of something take it home with you or ask the location owner
  • Follow the Countryside Code

As you leave

  • Leave the location as you found it
  • Double check your camping location for rubbish and food remains and take all litter home


In the event that you are dissatisfied with a Nearly Wild Camping location, in the first instance you should inform the camping location member by email and make every effort to seek a mutually acceptable resolution. If after this you remain dissatisfied, you should inform Nearly Wild Camping at [email protected], providing details of the complaint. Nearly Wild Camping will communicate with both the camping member and camping location member in order to gather full information. Nearly Wild Camping will work with both parties to seek an acceptable resolution. If this fails, Nearly Wild Camping will make a decision about whether to rescind the membership of either or both parties.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with Nearly Wild Camping, in the first instance you should inform Nearly Wild Camping at [email protected], providing full details. Your complaint will be reviewed with the administrator. You should make every effort to seek a mutually acceptable resolution at this stage. If after this you remain dissatisfied, the complaint will be reviewed by the directors of Nearly Wild Camping.