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Thank you for your interest in Nearly Wild Camping. We are a co-operative network of campers, landowners, retailers, influencers, YouTubers, bloggers etc. based mainly in the UK. We welcome any news items, magazine articles, podcasts, radio mentions etc. We will happily provide any information or photos that you need. Just get in touch.

If you or your brand would like to work with us we are open to ideas so long as they are relevent to our other content and in-line with our ethos.

Our current reach:

Family Memberships 5500+ (circa 20000 people)

Facebook 35,000+

Instagram 15000+

Twitter 1,300+


Mailing list 5000+

Website – thousands of new and returning customers each month

Camping locations: 160+

‘Wild camping and more’ – Lee’s YouTube channel 1200+

We also have extended reach via our Partners and Ambassadors


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