Do you have a potential Nearly Wild Camping location?


Do you want to diversify your income?

Inspire people to love our countryside?

Do you want to join a network of people supporting each other to do the same thing?

Working together as a community

At the same time Nearly Wild Camping is a collection of location owners supporting each other towards a common purpose of making more of their living from the land and sharing its magic with others.

The emphasis is on integrating Nearly Wild Camping experiences into activities and interests already onsite and encouraging campers to make the most of other opportunities in the area.

As it grows this network has the potential to not only be able to share fixed costs through group discounts and access a huge network of people to market to between them, they can also share their learning, pool advice and good practice, and support each other through meet ups and communications.


It costs £24 per year to subscribe to membership, you can then add a location and take bookings and payment direct from campers (no commissions) plus as a member you can use the directory to book time at other locations, meet other hosts and receive discounts from some of our Business Partners.

If your location seems suitable to be in the Nearly Wild Camping directory, our members expect a wilder feel to their stay and the main concern is there being too many people. Ideally you would allow campfires and there is a demand for hammock camping in woodland if that is something you could offer.

We have a Wildness Rating system to help our members understand how wild each location may be and what facilities to expect:


– but if you put a bit more time into creating your listing, describing your location in detail and add some photo’s (inc. people camping) and a description of what is available locally eg. 15min drive to the coast/lake/hill walks/nature reserve you are likely to get more bookings.

 You can sign-up here, it costs £24 per year. Campers book and pay direct with the landowner (no commissions to pay), when you first log-in there is an option to add your location:

A few questions come up when thinking about offering your land as a Nearly Wild Camping location:

No but you won’t get many families if there is no toilet or water so these are the main two things to consider. To start with look at the absolute cheapest options. Some locations simply state ‘take it away with you’ or ‘you must bring a camping toilet.’ but most locations offer a compost loo of some type, usually a small wooden shed allowed by permitted planning.

Some locations opt to use ‘The 28 day rule’ which allows for occasional camping on your land (that would cover 14 weekends over the summer as a starting point). Do check if this can be applied to your land. Others apply for formal planning permission for more regular camping.
[this has been extended to 56 days for 2021 to extend the season due to Covid]

We have the ability to provide you with 5 tent (or hammock) pitches with Certified Locations Status within England and Wales. This is for ‘members-only’ locations (or a dedicated area for members-only). This allows upto 42 days consecutive or 60 days camping in total – in any 12 month period, without the need for local planning permission. This is a straight forward application process.

Yes – but your primary listing must be for bring-your-own tent (or hammock) camping, we have maps layers for Tents, Campervans and Hammocks.

Examples are – per person £5, per pitch £15, for exclusive use of location £100 per night for say up to 20 people.
Group booking usually mean one contact, one payment, one explanation of site. Also ‘upsells’ of firewood, local produce etc. can be made to campers.

Yes, some third party liability insurance would need to be in place (may already be). Make sure you point out to insurer that you are not a campsite, you just allow occasional camping. If possible ask if this can be added to your current insurance (eg. household).

Mann Broadbent offer basic camping cover from £137  – be sure to let them know you heard about them from the Nearly Wild Camping website –

The Tourist Trail offer insurance deals for camping, glamping and mixed accommodation types.

Note that carrying out a risk assessment and considering health & safety issues will help the underwriters make an informed decision about the insurance cover required. Think about how you could reduce risk eg. campfires are only allowed in the designated fire pit where there is a large clearing and a bucket of water and fire blanket within easy reach.