Whatever your age or definition of wild, we have unforgettable experiences at our many unique camping locations across the UK. If you are a landowner and want to allow campers to share your location for a small fee and you feel you can offer a wilder camping experience then you too can join the network by clicking one of the buttons below….

As a member of the Nearly Wild Camping Club you can stay at any of the 300 wilder camping locations across the UK, many of which are not otherwise open to the public. If you own a potential location you can also take out membership and list your location in the directory, only members can view this. Some landowners charge per pitch, some per person and some for exclusive use of their land for your group.

Join us: £24 annual family / landowner membership subscription.

Unforgettable experiences

The flame of sunset flaring across the horizon, the joy of glimpsing a shooting star streaking across the star-studded, velvet-black night, the comforting crackling and mesmerising flames of the campfire and the soft hoot of an owl as you drift off to sleep.

It is for these moments of magic that we love wilder camping.
You might be pushing the edges of your comfort zone,
but that’s what makes it unforgettable.

As wild as you want

There are Nearly Wild Camping locations across the country in areas ranging from riverside woods to wildflower meadows, clifftops to heathland and all the different degrees of wild, so you can find just what you want – your little bit(s) of the wild.

If it’s your first time then we have locations for you. If you are already an experienced camper, check out what’s on offer. The ‘Wildness Rating‘ helps you to choose a location suitable for you.


More than just a place to sleep

Explore where you are staying with those who know it best; farm tours, finding out more about the natural world, badger watching, feeding the chickens, learning about a locations upkeep, making pots from the soil and much more…..or maybe
just spend some quiet time in a peaceful location immersed in nature.

Know what facilities and experiences to expect

The location profiles give full details of what facilities are available and what you can do – on site or in the local area.

If you are unsure or have different requirements you can message the landowners direct to ask eg. ‘You accept campervans, would I be able to stay in my 4×4 with rooftent?’

Help keep these locations wild

This extra bit of income supports the owners to keep these locations wild. We are all in favour of the Leave No Trace principles – meaning you should leave a location the same way you found it – ‘take only photo’s, leave only footprints’

Become a member our co-operative

Only members are able to book camping at Nearly Wild Camping exclusive and Certified Locations (not all are exclusive) and as a co-operative all of our members will get a say in how the organisation runs and we will regularly give you opportunities to have your say on what we are doing and future plans.

Take out a £24 annual family / landowner membership subscription to the Nearly Wild Camping Co-operative.

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