Group and partner Membership

There are benefits to joining as a Group or Business Partner of Nearly Wild Camping: Group Membership allows a single payment for access to the directory and locations for a group via a central person/leader. Some locations offer discounts for group camping and even exclusive access during your group’s stay (contact hosts direct for more information). Examples of groups would be Scouts, DofE, charities, non-profit organisations (contact us if you are not sure you fit the bill).

Partner Membership allows you to not only support the Nearly Wild Camping expansion but it also allows you to get your products and offers direct to potential customers. You are welcome to come along to any gatherings we have to demonstrate your products and network with other members. You will be able to advertise offers in the ‘members only’ part of the website and be featured on our social media eg. 60k Facebook followers, blog and email news updates. Plus all businesses will have a link direct to their own website from our website including their logo displayed on the homepage.


Membership subscription options:

– please email once you have signed up as this type of membership is not yet fully automated

[email protected]



£42 inc vat / year



£120 inc vat / year


Our Current Partners

Support the Nearly wild camping community with access to exclusive activities and discount codes