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The Benefits of Swag Camping

Some time ago I saw an Instagram post that one of my friends had made showing the kitchen set-up he was using that weekend, I think in his permission woodland. I can’t remember the photo exactly but it probably involved a bulky Frontier type stove and a fair amount of cast or wrought iron, not […]

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Expedition meals for wilder camping

2020 saw a huge increase in the number of people enjoying the joys of camping in the UK. It was fantastic that so many people dipped their toes into the adventures of wilder camping. The process and knowledge required can be a bit daunting for newcomers and even seasoned veterans alike. One of the most […]

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Members-only Winter Bushcraft Weekends

One of the Nearly Wild Camping locations is offering members the following: ‘We have had a great summer with some fantastic people from the Nearly Wild Camping Club. A number of the guests were asking about the possibility of doing autumn and winter bushcraft camps and were also interested in learning new bushcraft skills in […]

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Product Review: Folding Wellies

Just when you thought you had all the camping kit you could ever need… Now at first I thought what’s the point of folding wellies? They can’t be a substitute for actual wellies – those sturdy, bulky and chunky soled waterproof boots that we all know so well – not the most comfortable or stylish […]

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