Motivation – you’ve got to want to do it in the first place!

Planning & Preparation – check the weather forecast, plan your meals & snacks, pack your bag in the order you will need things (or use different pockets). Knowledge of the landscape (map).

Practice & Testing – learn to put your tent up in the dark/low light  and pack away in an organised manner.

Knowledge of Equipment – understand your kit (Practice & testing), you may need backups such as an extra torch and more than one way to light your stove.

Self-discipline – keep your camp and equipment organised or you will keep losing things.

Problem solving – you need the ability to adapt to unexpected changes and failures (Spares & Repairs)

Self-sufficiency – if you are on your own you want to check you have everything you need with you including a first aid kit (Planning & Preparation)

Spares & Repairs – take some basic tools and bits’n’bobs to make field repairs eg. fabric tears, pole break, broken sleeping bag zip etc.

Leave no trace – pack everything out, double check you have left nothing behind.

All of the above lead to Confidence in your ability and equipment but if that all seems a bit daunting start by spending regular times in a wilder place and observing the sights, smells and sounds until it all starts to feel familiar. Then try camping with a friend and finally spend a night out on your own.

Fear – the only way to conquer it is to face it, once you get past the fact that wilder places aren’t full of bogeymen, ghosts  and zombies you will get great enjoyment (and other benefits) from  time spent in nature.


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