How to make the perfect coffee while camping

After many months of being stuck inside our homes and restricted from non-essential traveling, we are now finally allowed to step into the great outdoors once again. Clean out your old pans and grab your hiking boots, it’s time to pitch up and take a moment to appreciate the bliss feeling of freedom.

There are a few things that we’ve deeply missed when it comes to the thought of camping once again – The hypnotic flames dancing in a campfire, the sound of nature’s alarm clock waking up around us, and the sweet, sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. Now that we’re feeling that extra appreciation, let’s talk about how we can really transform that morning coffee into something memorable that will boost your mood throughout the day.

First up, let’s talk about equipment. You don’t need anything fancy to make an amazing cup of coffee, an Aeropress or a Moka pot are perfect for camping but are commonly used at home, due to the quality of coffee they produce.

Moka Pot

A Moka Pot coffee, sometimes known as a stovetop coffee is the perfect portable way to make a delicious, espresso-style coffee and all you will need is a portable gas burner. Here’s how to prepare a perfect stovetop coffee (safely) whilst you’re in the wild.

  • Heat the water over your stove until it’s nearly boiling
  • Now add your coffee to the filter and level it off
  • Now, with a cloth (or T-Shirt if you are travelling very light) screw on the top
  • When it bubbles and starts to flow through the top of the Moka Pot, you’re ready

The trick? Avoid overheating and pour straight away so your coffee doesn’t come out stewed.

The best coffee for a Moka is a fine blended strong and dark roast. If space in your pack is at a premium you can easily find a single cup Moka pot which weighs virtually nothing.

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An Aeropress is perfect for camping as its lightweight and doesn’t take up too much room, plus it’s very simple to use. In recent years there have been world championship recipes brewed with an Aeropress that are so simply to do, you can do them whilst camping. Try the below method:

  • Heat some water over your stove or fire until near boiling point
  • Weigh out 20-25g of good quality coffee, you want a coarse grind if you’re using whole beans and grinding yourself.
  • Add coffee to the press and use 150ml of hot water
  • Stir for around 30 seconds using a spoon and then apply the press and push down slowly, don’t stop when you hear the bubbling, we actually want this to happen and create a nice compact coffee disc when we’re done with the brewing.

You should now have a fresh cup of coffee which you can dilute with hot water to get your preferred strength and taste. The smell alone from a freshly brewed coffee is enough to wake you up and give you that boost to tackle the day ahead. Take a deep breath in and savour the moment. BONUS TIP – Brew extra coffee and take it with you in a flask, this sensational moment doesn’t have to be over just yet.

Author: Rave Coffee

“Quality beans. No jargon. No BS. Great coffee made simple”.


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