Guide to storing camping equipment

Tent material with water dropplets
When the call of the wild beckons, you’ll want to be well-prepared for your next adventure. Storing your camping equipment properly is essential to ensure it remains in good condition, ready to go when you need it. Here are some top hacks for storing wild camping equipment to keep your gear in tip-top shape:

Repairs and restorations

Clean your camping equipment thoroughly before storing it, following manufacturer instructions. Tents may need special care, including spot cleaning with mild soap and water, while sleeping bags can usually go in the washing machine. Check for wear and tear such as damaged seams, zips, or tent poles, repairing any issues before you put your equipment away. Finish by reapplying waterproofing spray to the outer layers of your tents and jackets.

Storing wild camping equipment

Avoiding mould, mildew, and pests

Before storing, make sure your gear is completely dry to prevent mould and mildew growth. Air-dry tents, sleeping bags, and tarps and be sure to store them in a well-ventilated area. Consider using sealed containers or plastic bins with tight-fitting lids to keep pests at bay, plus repellents like cedar chips or lavender sachets to deter insects and rodents. You may also want to add some silica gel packets which can help absorb moisture.

Packing tent in storage bag

Storage techniques

Tents should be stored loosely, not tightly rolled, to avoid damaging the fabric and waterproof coatings. Store sleeping bags uncompressed in large cotton storage sacks to maintain their loft. Once packed, clearly label your storage containers with their contents so it’s easy to find what you need later. Organise by type and function to quickly access the right equipment for your next wilder camping trip.

By following these storage hacks, you can ensure your camping equipment remains in great condition.

Thanks to Hannah Rose-Wynter from Boutique Camping for her tips for putting your wild camping
equipment away correctly.

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