Jackie was a young girl who always wanted to go wild camping but her mum was scared to do it. After lots of pestering and with a bit of research her mum found  a solution that she was much happier to try. Jackie was so excited when her mum said that they could go Nearly Wild Camping. Jackie was happy to see that her mum was finally willing to try out something  a bit more adventurous than going to a campsite full of people, noise and cars moving back and forth.

They packed up the car and set off for their camping location. It was a beautiful spot in the woods, and Jackie was excited to get started. They set up their tent, lit a fire in the fire pit provided and started cooking dinner. Jackie loved being outside and she was having a great time.

After dinner, they sat around the campfire telling stories and roasting marshmallows. Jackie felt like she was really getting to know her mum and they were having a lot of fun. As evening drew in they saw a deer in the distance and could hear the bird song settling down for the night. Jackie was so glad that her mum had finally given Nearly Wild Camping a try. Maybe next time they could try out an even wilder location using the Wildness Rating to judge which ones  would be most suitable for them…