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Weekly update #2

Thank you very much to everyone who backed us so far, we are making progress towards our target even if it is a bit slower than we had hoped. We have made it to 12% with 12 backers, so far.

The slow week was probably because we got distracted about telling everyone that we were open for members to apply, which is very exciting and we already have 4 new Nearly Wild locations!! You can sign up now to get in on the early bird offer for the first 100 members.

But this update is about the crowdfunding… we really need this money to fund promotion and early development of the organisation (we need much more than just our website!!). Because of how Crowdfunding works, if we don’t reach our target total, we get nothing.

Take action now

Please pledge before May 14th!! Without this money we will really struggle to develop and promote Nearly Wild Camping which currently totally relies on voluntary input.

Join the cause!  Help us develop locations for camping and ambassadors for the countryside across the UK!

You can also help by telling everyone about it. We have put together a few sentences that you can easily share.

Check out Nearly Wild Camping, a new co-operative and network of locations where campers can explore the nature, culture and heritage around them with the people who live there. You can become a location or camper member ( and support their crowdfunding campaign and get some great rewards (

We are eternally grateful for all your support and hope very much to pay you back with some wonderful camping opportunities and by supporting ambassadors for the countryside across the UK.

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