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Weekly update #1

With week 1 of our crowdfunding campaign under our belts we have made a good start with 10% of our total already pledged. Thank you very much to everyone who has supported us so far and spread the word about it.

We really do need to keep up momentum if we are going to make our total. We vitally need these funds for promotion and early development of the organisation (we need much more than just our website!!)  and because of how Crowdfunder works, if we don’t reach our target total, we get nothing.

Take action to support us now

  • Pledge some money on Crowdfunder
  • Spread the word – share this on your facebook and twitter, email it to people, talk to people about it

Please pledge before May 14th! Without this money we will really struggle to develop and promote Nearly Wild Camping which currently totally relies on voluntary input.

We have had 9 generous backers so far and as predicted Steve’s sketches are going super quick, with only two of them still left! So it is worth being quick to get the best rewards too.

Once again thank you so much for your support, it means  a lot to have people getting behind us.

Co-operative membership from 6th May

There were more hoops we had to jump through than we had thought, but we hope membership will be open from 6th May to join the co-operative. And in the meantime we are working on setting up some kind of provisional membership, so watch this space!

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