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Things are shaping up!

It’s getting rather exciting here at Nearly Wild Camping HQ. We have myriad of wonderful looking sites signed up from across Wales and a whole host of enthusiastic campers. I am just in the process of gathering all of the ¬†information about the sites together ready to be sent out to the campers, making sure that it is clear what facilities are available, whether that is a stream or an outside tap, a compost toilet or nothing at all! As long as the campers know in advance they can come prepared!

I don’t want to give too much a way and spoil the surprise, but we have some really lovely sites signed up, from working farms to nature reserves and woodlands to remote smallholders gardens. They are in a whole range of different locations from hillsides to streamsides and woodland to pasture. There are also lots of offers of local food appearing too!¬†

There is still a week or so left to sign up for the trial as a camper or as a site, the more the merrier! There has been lots of enthusiasm from smallholders and landowners. It can be hard work to make a living from working the land and most landowners are looking at diversifying into other ways of bringing in an income from their land. Nearly Wild Camping provides the opportunity to have a small number of campers staying on your land each year without having to invest in lots of infrastructure or applying for planning permission (not needed if the camping is for less than 28 days per year). So if you have some land in Wales or know of someone who does and might be interested, then why not join in with our trial this summer or let them know.

You can find the application form for the trial here.

And for all the campers I’m crossing all of my fingers and toes for lots of gorgeous sunny weekends, like the last few, to go camping in this summer. We are hoping to go and visit most of the trial sites ourselves and I cannot wait for my next Nearly Wild Camping experience.

One Response to Things are shaping up!

  1. Helen Gough August 3, 2013 at 3:03 pm #

    I’ve only just heard about this, what a great idea. I don’t suppose it’s still possible to sign up as a camper is it?