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Here’s to a summer of sunny camping!

You may have noticed that we have been a bit quiet recently, don’t worry it is not that we have gone away it is because we have been really busy behind the scenes doing all kinds of exciting things. First and foremost, our trial has started! We have 12 wild corners of Wales and the borders and nearly 40 campers. Over the next few weeks there will be lots of people browsing through the profiles of the wonderful trial sites and deciding where they want to explore first.

I am really excited to start hearing how all of the camping trips go, but for the moment it’s a bit of a waiting game for me. We have asked all the participants to answer a couple of questions after each trip, so I am eagerly anticipating the first responses to those. I will definitely share some of the feedback on this blog.

In the meantime I am planning an excursion for the Nearly Wild Camping team, we are going to try and visit as many of the trial sites as we can in a couple of days road trip, to see how they match up to their profiles, get to know the site owners, get some feedback and have a great time! Having put all of the profiles together I know how amazing the sites are and I can’t wait to go and see them.

I want to try and do some case studies of different sites on this blog to give you all a flavour of what Nearly Wild Camping might actually be like! First up will be Underhill Farm, the birthplace and home of Nearly Wild Camping.

You may have noticed that we have also had a bit of a rearrange of the website and we will be putting some more content on their soon. More about that next week.

Also coming up in a future blog (I told you we’ve been busy) we have been doing lots of bigger picture thinking. It’s all very exciting, but I’m going to leave you in suspense until next time!

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