Final details of the Get Together

We are looking forward to seeing those of you able to come to the Get Together at Underhill Farm this weekend.

Please note, the farm is in Pant, beware if you use google maps as it can take you to the wrong place.

Just to confirm, we will be meeting on Saturday 25th April at Underhill Farm, Underhill Lane, Pant, Shropshire, SY10 9RB. Starting at 11.30am and ending about 3.30pm. We will organise it so the kids can get involved as well.

The event is open to non-members, though there will be some time for members (shareholders) only. We will show you round our site and use this to prompt discussion. Some of the things raised by members that we will be discussing are:

  • Other types of accommodation than tents
  • Group use and bookings
  • What else we can offer
  • Fundraising
  • Non-member campers and location hosts
  • Making the NWC fee work for all of us and keeping it simple!
  • How to deal with insurance
  • Sanitation and setting up a new location
  • Sharing learning and good practice

Please bring lunch or there will be some simple food you can buy on the day.

For those who are interested we will be hosting camping overnight and will run a family friendly guided walk, and some other family friendly activities on Sunday 26th as well as social round the campfire on Saturday evening.

If you have not already done so, please let us know if you are hoping to come so we have some idea of numbers.

For those of you unable to make it we will share some of the discussions with you and we will be holding an electronic AGM soon where you will get to have your say on some of these topics.

Looking forward to seeing some of you soon,

Steve Evison and Kerry Lane

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