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Providing the fertile soil

So we’ve explored quite a lot around what Nearly Wild Camping is about and in the last blog post I shared some of the story of where it came from, but where is it now? What is it surrounded by? What does the wider ecosystem look like that the organism of Nearly Wild Camping is a part of?

Nearly Wild

Well Nearly Wild Camping is actually the first initiative of the newly formed Nearly Wild Community Interest Company, which is about encouraging people to explore the natural world through fun, innovative projects and outdoor activities. This builds understanding of the natural world and our relationship with it, by encouraging an inquiring mind in all ages.

Nearly Wild Camping clearly fits in with this, as it will give people easier access to wilder experiences and will let them explore areas they wouldn’t have otherwise visited.

The idea for Nearly Wild CIC has been gathering momentum for a few years now, but with the enthusiasm for Nearly Wild Camping really taking off we thought it was about time to make it official. So at the moment they are being co-created. As new opportunities and ideas keep appearing, we are busily working out how they fit together, as well as how they are going to function individually. We want Nearly Wild to act as the fertile soil in which we can trial and grow a whole range of different initiatives.

At the moment, as well as Nearly Wild Camping, we are using our own practical experience, which we continue to develop through hosting holidays, activities, courses and experiences at Underhill Farm, to try out new activities that get people out, exploring and building their understanding of the natural world and its importance.

We have lots of other exciting seeds of ideas too, which we will be germinating in the near future. If you want to hear about how they are all getting on, then you can sign up to the Nearly Wild mailing list here.


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