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An introduction to tent pegs

There are many types of tent pegs available but which should you use and why? When choosing suitable tent pegs you should take into account the weight, shape, size, material and the intended use. Some pegs are designed for different terrains and weather. It’s always good to have a few spares to hand in case […]

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The Wild Camping Mindset

Motivation – you’ve got to want to do it in the first place! Planning & Preparation – check the weather forecast, plan your meals & snacks, pack your bag in the order you will need things (or use different pockets). Knowledge of the landscape (map). Practice & Testing – learn to put your tent up […]

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A guide to Low Impact Camping

Introduction Low impact camping is leaving a place with no sign to suggest that you have been there. Yes you may have flattened some grass but that will recover within a short time. Leave no trace – The Seven Principles  Plan Ahead and Prepare Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces Dispose of Waste Properly Leave […]

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Understanding Sleeping Bags

I remember when I first went to buy sleeping bags for a family camping trip I was rather confused by different prices, sizes, thicknesses etc. All I knew was I wanted everyone to have a good camping experience and not be cold in the night. So slightly unsure, we bought something middle of the range… […]

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7 different types of lights for camping

There are many different types of lighting for camping and particularly in wilder places where you may be faced with pitch black darkness. You should always make sure you have multiple sources of light and spare batteries (of the right type!). Below are some of the most commonly used camping lights: 1) Head torch – […]

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Ideas for easy camping meals

Ideas for easy camping meals – using as little cooking kit as possibleyou can make some easy to prepare meals with the minimum need  for washing up afterwards, the following need only one pan/frying pan: Corned beef hash (instant mash potato) Noodles with tuna & mixed veg (cook noodles first) Pasties/pies heated in silver foil […]

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5 ways to light a fire when camping

5 ways to light a fire when camping It’s always advisable to have more than one way to light a fire when camping. Things can go wrong, get wet or be difficult to find in your rucksack pockets. You need to practice some of the methods before waiting until it’s dark and you’re cold. The […]

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Top Tips to Keep Warm when Camping

There’s nothing worse than getting cold when camping. It’s much better to prevent the chills than get cold and have to find ways to get warm again. Below are some tried and tested ways to keep warm when camping: Keep out of the wind – pitch your tent in a sheltered position, wind chill can […]

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