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Wildness Rating

The Wildness Rating Star System

Our camping locations have a Wildness Rating as a guide for what to expect when you camp there.

For example a rating of 5 is the most wild, with 1 the least wild.

For Camping Locations – how to rate your site

Which score is your location most similar to on facilities scale? Add this to the one it is most similar to on the remoteness scale and divide by two. The nearest whole number is your locations wildness rating.

There is no best star to be on the scale as different campers will be looking for different things, so please be honest so campers have realistic expectations.

[if viewing on phone turn screen sideways to see full table]

Star Facilities Remoteness
5 None No buildings visible or within 500m, feels remote, at least 2 miles from shops
4 Drinking water access Buildings visible, not within 200m, but feels remote, at least a mile from shops
3 There are toilet and drinking water facilities. Either feels remote, but near to habitation and shops, or very near to habitation but a long way from anything else
2 Provision for all facilities, but not necessarily conventional, eg. compost toilets and solar showers Near to habitation, but feel separate, short distance to shops
1 Conventional facilities – Flushing toilets, showers, indoor area, dish washing facilities, activities Next to buildings or habitation, short distance to shops, does not feel remote, but is still secluded and has a wild edge

Locations will not always fit exactly into these categories, but they are there as an indication.