5 ways to light a fire when camping

It’s always advisable to have more than one way to light a fire when camping. Things can go wrong, get wet or be difficult to find in your rucksack pockets. You need to practice some of the methods before waiting until it’s dark and you’re cold. The bow drill method will keep you warm even if you are not successful at making fire!

1 – Flint (magnesium) and striker (iron) spark into cotton wool

2 – Matches – super easy if you have some tinder/paper and not too much wind

3 – Using a magnifying glass – requires plenty of sunshine so only works in daytime!

4 – A gas lighter – low cost, reliable and great as a backup, check it’s not almost empty

5 – By far the most rewarding is the bow drill method, it takes time, effort and patience

Once your fire is lit that’s not the end of it…..if not managed it will soon go out. The best way to establish a good burn is to waft the base to get more oxygen in there. You can use a sit-mat or piece of cardboard but if you don’t have anything you can use your hand or just blow directly into the fire.