There are many different types of lighting for camping and particularly in wilder places where you may be faced with pitch black darkness. You should always make sure you have multiple sources of light and spare batteries (of the right type!). Below are some of the most commonly used camping lights:

1) Head torch – hands free and always pointing where you turn you head to – blinding when you look directly at someone!

2) Hand torch – the classic point anywhere light, can be a little awkward when you need to use both hands for something like tying a shoelace.

3) Hanging lantern – ideal for when you need general lighting and keeps your hands available

4) Ground light – good for seeing where obstacles are like guy lines and pegs without illuminating a big area

5) Keyring – very handy for occasional use as the battery life is limited

6) Campfire – traditional natural lighting with limited directional control :)

7) Glow stick – useful in an emergency but not very eco friendly and you can’t switch them off

Most forms of lighting now use LEDs in place of battery sapping bulbs, this allows for smaller batteries and reduced overall size. The down side to standard LEDs is that they do not focus light over a long distance. Some of the newer, high power, surface mounted LEDs (known as SMDs) can overcome this issue while still using far less energy than bulbs.